I am interested, now what?
Now that you are ready to take the first step to coaching, you need to contact me to arrange an initial session. Normally I have the first session with a client and from that session I then create a bespoke coaching package for you. 
If you are not sure yet, you can read of some things my past clients have said. Or, of course drop me a line and I can help you with any questions or have a chat on the phone with you to help you to decide.  
How long does it take?
There is no set answer to this question as every client has different needs and progresses at different speeds. However, after an initial conversation I can estimate approximately how many sessions we may need. Coaching is different to therapy or counselling which are generally longer interventions that often involve 20+ sessions. Typically, the number of coaching sessions would be 8-12 over 3-6 months.  
The frequency of our sessions over the programme, tends to be ‘wedge shaped’ – in that we initially have some longer immersion sessions  (e.g. 150min over a few consecutive days) to allow the initial understanding to be explained, and then over the next 3-4 months we have sessions every couple of weeks to  enable the understanding to deepen and become visible in more areas of your life.
How much does it cost?
Programme fees vary depending on  the client circumstances and method of communication used. However be prepared that transformation of this nature requires a significant investment in time and money.  Please contact me for further details.
And it is an investment in yourself. Most people are happy to spend significant amounts of money each year on holidays,  beauty, clothes, cars etc often to ‘make them feel better’ –  due to the nature of this inside out realisation, my clients often find their perceived need for those outside in fixes decreases (of course they might still be nice to have!)
As part of my philosophy on coaching, it is very important that my clients feel they are getting value for money. Therefore if necessary I am willing to offer a refund or a discount if someone feels the coaching has been a waste of their time and money and they are not satisfied. I have had this satisfaction guarantee for the last 14 years and only had to offer it once! 
My goal is to make every session we have interesting and beneficial to you right from the beginning, however, in some cases it may take a couple of sessions for the real benefit of the progress to become apparent to you, in which case bear with it and trust that everything we do has a positive intention and purposeful.  
Where and 'how' do we meet?
I currently coach from two locations in the London area: London Bridge and Hampton. I can also travel to you, however I may charge extra for this depending on the location. 
I also do coaching over phone and skype. This medium of coaching can be just as effective for some forms of coaching and change work. I can advise on what types of change it is effective for.  
Often with clients I work with them using a mixture of face to face and phone sessions depending on their diary commitments and the type of session we need.  
How does coaching fit with other coaching or more therapeutic interventions ?
My coaching, as you might have seen is a little different. It works at a very fundamental level to change how we see the world and then live from that understanding.
Does it fit with other forms of coaching? Often coaching is more ‘downstream’ e.g. about getting some more skills or competencies, or you need support in a specific life area or situation. As what we do in our coaching is to enable you to access higher levels of resourcefulness, openness and motivation, it can make ‘the ground more fertile’ for any skills or knowledge based learning . So the two approaches are compatible,  they just doing different things
Does it fit with therapy?  Not really. What we will exploring in our sessions is the nature of thought and how we create our experiences. Most therapy and counselling (and I am generalising) looks at the content of thought
What is Code of Practice and Ethics that governs how I work?
I am member of the Association for Coaching and work to their code of ethics. Coaching is not a statutory regulated profession, however as a young profession is becoming more self-regulated now with bodies such as the Association for Coaching, the ICF, ILM, and CIPD all influencing standards of working and professionalism. So while, in theory, anyone can set themselves up as a coach (just as they could a plumber, mechanic or hairdresser), you can see that I have been doing this for many years now, with a variety of qualifications and memberships. See here. In addition, my code of practice is: 
I work with my clients to a mutually understood and agreed coaching agreement 
I work to the code of ethics of AC and the IAC ethical guidelines. 
My mission is to provide my clients with the help and support they need. Not to ‘sheep dip’ you in a generic process.  
I place responsibility on the client to inform me if they feel they are not getting value from us working together.The client’s progress will be reviewed regularly and feedback is actively encouraged. 
Throughout the coaching process, the client is under no obligation to undertake further sessions. 
I offer a satisfaction guarantee – I am willing to offer a refund or a discount if someone feels the coaching has been a waste of their time and money and they are not satisfied. (NB: I would expect principle of reasonableness and a discussion to be applied to this guarantee)