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I have been coaching in London since 2001, working with a diverse range of coaching clients. All my work is based on my grounding of mindset transformation. I am aware different people are interested in different applications, so I create bespoke packages for your individual requirements. I typically work with:
  • Private Clients – Individuals who want to experience transformation in their lives. In all aspects. 
  • Organisations and their Leaders Unlocking the hidden horsepower of an organisation.
  • Small Business CoachingGrowing your business from the inside out. Executive Coaching
  • Coach Mentoring – With my experience and expertise, I train and mentor other coaches. 
  • Three Principles Mentoring – I enable other facilitators of ‘The Three Principles’ to deepen their grounding.

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I partner with the wonderful team at PRIMAL HAPPINESS , who offer great virtual programs that let you experience the principles behind thriving and happiness in an easy and accessible way.



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