Transformation works vertically, not horizontally


We look at ‘how life works’

before ‘what do we want in life’

You shift your understanding of how we create our personal realities and how to access well-being and resourcefulness, regardless of the outside world

“Life has effortlessly shifted. This transformation has an almost magical quality to it”

“My life and work now feel very different, I feel much more connected and at ease”

“…this resonates with every cell of my body”

Transformative conversations

It is more about understanding the electricity, not the lights bulbs.

Some coaching assists people in getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’, enabling you to create and reach your goals, which can give you more of what you want in the outside world, in order to higher level happiness and success.

However a more transformative change – is an ‘inside-out’ shift, a deepening of your sense of self, and greater access to your own innate creativity, inspiration and higher wisdom.  Now some ‘traditional’ coaching might happen to get you there as well, but the emergence of the field of transformative coaching means it can happen in an effortless, elegant and truly sustainable way.

It goes beyond the framework of a coach trying to solve your problems and give covert advice and tools, towards transforming how you understand and realise the nature of human system. It’s about seeing what we can’t normally see, through realisations and insights.

 Some might call it spiritual coaching; others would say the impact is completely practical. It is a different kind of non-intellectual learning, ‘inside-out’. It is based on ‘The Three Principles’ which are a way of understanding how human experience is sourced, constructed and manifested by us. The insight this can provide creates a huge leap in your well-being in any area of your life.

A distinction: How life works .v. What to do with my life

To enable transformation, we are going to explore a fresh understanding of what life is and how it works. The principles behind how the human mind operates. Not an approach or strategy to life, not even a philosophy – just an understanding of the mechanics of how it works. You don’t need to believe anything, just see it for yourself.  The ‘what to do with life’ question, comes later.

This understanding in itself doesn’t imply any particular course of action, or preference for what to do with life, just as understanding how gravity works doesn’t tell what to do with gravity.

But how does that help?  So if I want to get stuff done in the world, what’s the value of understanding the principles behind it?  Well because once we correct our well-conditioned misunderstanding of how things work, life feels different, becomes easier to navigate and success starts to happen.

Because the more accurately you see the nature of reality, the easier it is to navigate that reality.